Macmillan Coffee Morning


p dir=”ltr”>Greetings Grand Adventurers!


p dir=”ltr”>Unfortunately due to EUSA’s policy on bake sales we cannot facilitate hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning alongside our regular Sunday session as planned.


p dir=”ltr”>In lieu of this, we will be donating all the proceeds from our Halloween and Christmas one-shot events to Maggies Edinburgh.


p dir=”ltr”>In their own words, Maggies:


p dir=”ltr”>


p dir=”ltr”> ‘provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends’.


p dir=”ltr”>


p dir=”ltr”> We have decided to sponsor them this semester as they do invaluable work in our local community, and our support would make a big difference to people living with cancer as well as their friends and family in Edinburgh.


p dir=”ltr”>If you would like to find out more about Maggies and what they do you can visit their site .


p dir=”ltr”>At both the Halloween event and the Christmas event we will be selling brand new Griffie the Griffin stickers commissioned by GEAS artists and we will be implementing the charity re roll system in order to raise funds.


p dir=”ltr”>I hope to see you all at some of our charity events this year and I offer my sincerest apologies about the cancelation of the Macmillan morning.


p dir=”ltr”>– Robyn Higgins (Events)

GEAS Upcoming Events

Hey folks,

I’d like to thank everyone who visited our stall either yesterday or today, and welcome you all to our cool little community – and to all the returning members, welcome back! We have a few things coming up quite soon, so this information is all rather important, especially if this is the first time you are seeing this.
It’s in What / Where / When format and then there’s a little blurb that I thought would be helpful.

Welcome Week One Shots / The Study, Teviot Row House / 18:00-22:00, Friday, 13th Sept.
Come along to our first event of the semester which hopes to provide a suitable taster to our much loved hobby.
Pitches for this session will begin promptly so please arrive on time to guarantee you get into the game you want!
For newcomers: Gamesmasters (GMs) will pitch their games at the start of the evening – with a description, the system they will be using, and how many players they can take – and then the players will choose the game, and the GM, they want to join. From there, the GMs will guide the players through the necessary background info, any rules they need to know, essentially how to roleplay in their game. If you wish to GM please feel free to do so, as we are always on the lookout for new talent!
The only thing you will require is enthusiasm – and maybe a pencil.

Pub Social / Magic Potions Tavern, 9 Blair Street / 19:00-23:00, Monday, 16th Sept.

"We begin our story in a tavern…"
This year we’ve taken the classic rpg cliche and ran with it, and booked out the magic potions tavern on Blair Street (just off the Royal Mile) for an evening of nerdy carousing.
Whether or not you’ve roleplayed before, the fact that you’re considering it probably means you’re one of us, so come along and meet the people that make this society worth joining!

Start-of-Campaign Pitches
Wednesday Evening games / Debating Hall, Teviot Row House / 18:00-22:00, Wednesday, 18th Sept.
Sunday Afternoon games / Debating Hall, Teviot Row House / 12:30-16:30, Sunday, 22nd Sept.

Sunday Evening games / Debating Hall, Teviot Row House / 18:00-22:00, Sunday, 22nd Sept.

Finally, our long term campaigns; these can range anywhere from 6 weeks to the entire year. Similarly to the one shots, GMs will pitch their games and newcomers get priority of choice. Experienced roleplayers are encouraged to run games to accommodate new players!
Again, all you need to bring is a pencil – and possibly some enthusiasm.

Hope to see you all very soon,
Jason Ebblewhite
Socials Coordinator

If you have any questions about roleplaying or the society in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at geas.committee!

Important Dates: Let’s do this one last time

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

Your president has been buried in emails and has managed to miss out information, and also get information wrong. Please forgive me and ignore the last two emails you have been sent.

The fresher’s week one-shots will be taking place on Friday 13th, in Teviot Study Room at 6:00pm. Thank you to everyone who highlighted my mistakes there, and again I’m very sorry.

The first set of pitches for this semester will be in the first week of the semester. The Wednesday evening pitches will be taking place on Wednesday 18th at 6:00pm. The Sunday afternoon and evening pitches will be on Sunday 22nd, with the afternoon pitches starting at 12:30pm and the evening pitches starting at 6:00pm. All the first semester pitches will take place in the Debating Hall.

We will have more information in the future regarding socials and events for the first semester. You can find all our definitive information on our website, at Thank you all for your patience.

For the glory of GEAS,
Emily Booth
GEAS President

Room Bookings 2019/20

18 SeptemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
22 SeptemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
25 SeptemberWednesday EveningNo Booking
Occupy Teviot
29 SeptemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
2 OctoberWednesday EveningNo Booking
Occupy Teviot
6 OctoberSunday AfternoonDebating Hall
6 OctoberSunday EveningDining Room
9 OctoberWednesday Evening 8:30Occupy Teviot
Dining Room at 8:30
13 OctoberSunday AfternoonOccupy Teviot
13 OctoberSunday EveningDining Room
16 OctoberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
20 OctoberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
23 OctoberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
26 OctoberSaturday Evening
Halloween Gaming!
Balcony RoomHalloween!
27 OctoberSunday AfternoonStudy
27 OctoberSunday EveningDebating Hall
30 OctoberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
3 NovemberSunday AfternoonStudy
3 NovemberSunday EveningDining Room
6 NovemberWednesday EveningDebating HallGame pitches
10 NovemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
DomeGame pitches
13 NovemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
17 NovemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
20 NovemberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
23 NovemberSaturday Evening
GM Workshop
Balcony RoomGM Basics
24 NovemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
27 NovemberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
1 DecemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
4 DecemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
8 DecemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
11 DecemberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
15 DecemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
18 DecemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
Evening sessions start at 6, afternoon sessions at 1 (mostly)

GM Workshops

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing summer and that you are looking forward to another year of gaming!

Before we start back, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding Monthly GM workshops.

Is this something we are all still interested in? and if so how would you like them to be run?

I am proposing that we have a panel like discussion followed by an informal social period. This allows people to discuss the topics covered, or just to help each other with gaming queries.

For this format to work I would need some suggestions on what sort of topics you’d like to cover and ideally some volunteers who are comfortable discussing the mechanics and issues surrounding the running of games.

it would also be useful to get a sense of people who may be interested in speaking at these workshops. You would not be expected to speak every month but if there is a topic you have experience with and would feel comfortable discussing id love to have you come along and share your expertise, anecdotes and wisdom.

Once I have generated some feed back i’ll update you all on the proposed topic list for the first semester & the dates of the workshops themselves.

If you would like to send some feedback please get back to me via the email or the facebook post.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in September 😀

For the glory of GEAS,

Robyn (Events )

GEAS Summer Games continued

Hi all,

Me again, with a late addition to the summer games:

Maximillian is planning on running 3 different games of Shadowrun 4th Ed.
Games would be taking place in his flat somewhere in old town (details obviously provided as necessary) in the evening on a yet to be determined date.
Without further ado, here is his pitch:

"The long one:
I’d like to start a whole new story, not only a oneshot where the players create new characters. The goal is to start a journey on the long run, at first over the summer. I’d like to meet up once a week and am looking for 3-4 players. They can be freshers or experienced gamers, but I dislike powergamers who doubt the allmightyness of the GM Therefore, this is a good opportunity to dig into the game from scratch without the need of any prior knowledge.
We’ll start in Seattle – classic – to get into the game and develope ourselves to continue our story in Edinburgh. The whole game plays in 2076 – a tech-dominated, ultra-capitalistic future in which magic and belonging creatures came back to the world by mysterious circumstances. The players can choose between the classical races: Human, Dwarf, Orc, Troll, Elve. For me, roleplay is very important, not rules. A good story and atmosphere is more valuable then strictness. This game is also challenging, but still vanilla. Characters die, but just when they really really deserve it.

The first short one – just for experienced players
Planned to be 3-4 rounds and 2-4 players. Either with pre-existing characters or with new characters based on 600 BP. A very challenging / high-level game:
Playing on the ‘good’ side (however this is possible in SR…). Classical setup: A Mr. Johnson recruits Pro-Shadowrunners to infiltrate a highly secured Aztech – biotech labratory and extract a very rare piece of beta-and deltaware components from inside. It is very likeley, that not everybody will make it in and out, probably no-one. However, here its fact: High Risk, High Reward. If the players suceed this run alive, they have the chance to get very rare and unique components, relics and weapons in return to enhance their characters. If the roleplay and teamplay also shows engagement, then the players will be rewared with high Karma on top. However, this is not a vanilla gameplay and every small mistake could lead to devestation and death of the characters.

The third one:
Here I want to experiment. Thought for 1-3 rounds and 2 – 3 players. We’ll play ‘Dark Shadowrun’. Purely based on antagonists and the pure evil, this game is not for softies and also not for freshers. The players do have the chance to play the worst of the worst, characters which are normally not playable and which are usually boss-level enemies. Insect-Ghosts, Shadows, Toxics Shamans, Necromants, Cannibals, and further beasts. However, these creatures are often not teamplayers. The players need to create teamplayers, at least on the lowest playable level. Also, this game is absolutely hardcore – the whole world will be against them and it’s very unlikely for any player to survive on the long run. Therefore, this game is for experienced shadowrunners, who like to go one step further and see into the eyes of the Leviathan."

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, please get in touch with him by contacting m.bakenhus !
As a side note, we hope that everyone out there is having a great summer, gaming or otherwise 🙂

All the best,
Jason, Socials Coordinator
Alea iacta est

GEAS Summer Games

Hello again,

Thanks to everyone who came, and a big thanks to people who gave me details of their games so that I can advertise them now. We have a few games that I will try my best to describe, they are as follows:

Angus – Saturday Evening – Looking for 4 players – Contact geascommittee
"Its a game about island hopping refugees in a mostly island based fantasy realm."

Vincent – Thursday Evening – Looking for 2 players – Contact stephenmcmorland
"The game is called Nihon, it is set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan where players are Adepts, a multi-class of Magic user and Fighter, you can choose different roles such as Monk, Martial artist, Sword Saint etc. It is a homebrew system using percentile dice and a very simple system (although there is a lot of maths bubbling away in the background that the player need never worry about)."

Roderick – Sunday Evening – Looking for 3-5 players, one of which he hopes will host the game for the convenience of the rest of the players (Roderick lives quite far away) – Contact tonbo.karasu
I don’t have a quote from Roderick, but from what I remember, it is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed game set in the Frostgrave setting; Frostgrave is a game of Wizards, battling through a ruined frozen city in search of magical artefacts. He will be tweaking the magic system to make it a bit more interesting than it currently is, turning the game into a nice, gritty and cold experience.

Those are the games, hope you manage to find something you like! If you’ve already found something then we hope you have a wonderful summer, and we hope to see you in the next semester!

Socials Coordinator

GEAS Summer Games Social

Hi Folks,

This is just a quick reminder about our Social tomorrow at 6-9pm in the Teviot Dining Room. If you want to run and game and need some players, or if you’re looking for a game over summer to play in, it might be a good idea to start here!
The Social will be a very informal, drop in, drop out event with no formal pitches. Pitching is usually a good way for players to get an immediate idea of what games are being run, however as the majority of GMs will be hosting at their own homes, we give them the prerogative to choose whom they want to invite out of respect for that, and we expect all players to do the same. Also, given this is a social, we don’t want games to be entirely first come first serve, as we can appreciate that some people may arrive later in the evening.

If you cannot make it to the social but either as a GM still wish to put yourself out there for players to contact you, or as a player looking for a game, we will be compiling a spreadsheet of Summer Games with any GM that wishes to give us their email address. This can be given either in person or via email to geascommittee. You may also wish to give a small description of your game and how many players you still need.

Hope to see you all there!

Socials Coordinator



p dir=”ltr”>Greetings Grand Adventurers,


p dir=”ltr”>Apologies for the late update over email – I am still getting used to the new system – but due to inclement weather we will instead be convening tomorrow (25/05/19) for the “BBQ” at the Southsider Pub (3-7 West Richmond Street) at 12-2pm.


p dir=”ltr”>We have the back room booked, so please feel free to come along and have some cheap pub food with us. The Southsider do claim to sell GF and Veg options but as a number of friends have warned me, they are not very careful with cross-contamination so you may want to eat beforehand. I am very sorry about this but I was expecting the weather to be nice, and, in the end it isn’t really about the food is it?


p dir=”ltr”>Also, our Summer Games Social will be next week on Saturday the 1st, at 6-9pm in the Teviot Dining Room, so if you cannot make it to the gathering tomorrow you’ll be sure to find some friendly faces then. We hope to see you all soon!


p dir=”ltr”>For the Glory of Geas,


p dir=”ltr”>Jason Ebblewhite


p dir=”ltr”>Socials Coordinator


p dir=”ltr”>PS: If you would like access to the facebook page it is :

Summer Events and the Widening Participation programme

Hello adventurers!

I hope everyone’s exam season is going well, I just wanted to give you information on a few events to look forward to once exams are over!

Firstly there will be an end-of-exams barbecue happening in the meadows on the 25th of May at 1pm, weather permitting, and it will be a fun chance to see everyone at the society in hopefully lovely weather before the summer period begins.

Secondly there will be a summer social event in the dining room at Teviot from 6pm-9pm on Saturday the 1st of June. This is typically when the pitches for summer games are held, though we would like to make it clear that these games are not moderated by the GEAS Committee. We are merely facilitating the chance for people to set up games for the summer. These pitches won’t be as formal and it is down to the discretion of the GMs to organise their pitches. This event will also be a chance to socialise with members of the society before leaving for the summer.

Lastly, the University of Edinburgh’s Widening Participation programme runs an annual summer school for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to give them an opportunity to experience what it is like to study and be a part of activities at university. As part of this, the organisers were hoping to run a couple of D&D sessions for pupils, and have asked GEAS for volunteer DMs.

These sessions are tentatively scheduled for the evenings on Wednesday 26th and/or Thursday 27th of June.

This is a fantastic opportunity to use table-top gaming as a form of community outreach. If you would be interested in getting involved, please get in touch with Vivek, our Equality and Wellbeing Officer, who has been liaising with the WP programme, or email the GEAS committee.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I’ll take this last chance to remind everyone that Conpulsion Director applications should be sent in to the GEAS email before this Sunday.

Lastly, for those of you going through exams just now I wish you all the best of luck!

For the Glory of GEAS,

GEAS Secretary
Logan C. Anderson