Good Gameplay

Gaming is a cooperative sport, however sometimes things go wrong.

If the way a game is run, any content, or if anyone’s behaviour (player or GM) makes you uncomfortable or causes distress, point at this card to call for a timeout.

For specific content or themes, everyone will talks about how to proceed, whether it is by removing the material or changing things the game, whatever suits you best.

For someone’s behaviour at the table, bring it up so that every one is aware of it and can ask for it to stop, or raise it privately with your GM, or see the Equality and Wellbeing officer during a break, or afterwards.

For game play issues like cheating, player vs player conflct and/or, undermining story agency, raise it so everyone can discuss what is happening openly and out of character and can amend events as needed to maximise everyone’s ability to contribute and enjoy the game, and negotiate the stakes of any direct character conflict.

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