Conpulsion Committee

The Conpulsion Comittee for next year is starting to come together…
It will probably include:

Coordinator: el-Presidente Euan Reid
RPGs: Craig Oxbrow
LARPs: Roderick Easton
Wargames: Geoff Nicholson
Board games: Sasha Mesarovich
CCGs: …
Traders & Social Media: Tara Catt
Demos & Guests: …
Staff: Sam MacAdam
Logistics: Jo Cross & Flic Anderson
Treasurer: Jamie Prentice
Webmaster: Alan ‘what was the password’ Jackson
GEAS Liaison: Matthew Knighton


In a rapid fit of meetings and organised-ness we have elected a Conpulsion Liaison and a Nationals Coordinator.

In a fit of ‘appoint the person who didn’t dodge’..

Both positions go to Matthew Knighton.