Geas Logo designed by Julia Rowe

Geas was founded in 1978. Our web site, the Geas Village, used to be Europe’s most popular role-playing website back in the 90s. We also host an annual gaming convention in Edinburgh, Conpulsion, which existed in this incarnation since 1995. Before that, it used to be called Dungeon Aid in 1987, and The Big Con a few years later.

Geas takes the safety and inclusivity of the hobby very seriously, and our Committee is dedicated to making the society as welcoming a place for everyone, especially people who are new to the hobby or were previously marginalised from these spaces. You can find more information on our Game Safety, Anti-Harassment, and Complaints sections. The long and short of it is that we want everyone who attends Geas feel welcome and enjoy gaming.

What Sort of Games Do We Play?

We play a heap of different games! You’ve likely heard about Dungeons & Dragons, or at least shows like Critical Role or Dimension 20. We do play D&D, and that’s how many of our members start out in the hobby.

But we also play a lot of other different games across a whole range of complexity. Recent games have included popular systems like Vampire: the Masquerade 5e (the other 5e), Pathfinder 2e, and Cyberpunk 2020, as well as indie systems like Masks: a New Generation, Urban Shadows, and Monster of the Week.

What’s more, a lot of our GMs make their own systems, like Picturedice or Dice Without Numbers. You might even be lucky enough to play systems that haven’t been published or released yet!