Our main campaigns run from September to May, taking a break over the Christmas period. We have three time slots during the week where GMs are welcome to run their games:

  • Wednesday evenings, 6pm – 10pm
  • Sunday afternoons, 1pm – 6pm
  • Sunday evenings, 6pm – 10pm

Our games are back in person, running in Teviot Row House, the University’s main student union building – room bookings here. Some games will be running online on the GEAS Discord server and games can also run there if the EUSA room booking gods have been unkind on a particular day.

At the start of the semester, GMs are invited to pitch their games to the society and find members, then every six weeks games are re-pitched and players have a chance to move between games. Returning players have priority if they want to continue with their campaigns, while new members have the first choice of any empty spaces.