End of Term GEAS Pub Social

Hello Friends,

I am here to inform you of the wonderful Pub Social occurring at 7.00pm on Friday the 15th of December (That’s this Friday) in the Southsider (link to location below)!
I know many of you may have exams but I urge you to come along if you can spare the time, as it may be the last time you see your fellow roleplayers – in this year, hopefully.

All the best, and if I don’t see you, have good holidays people

GEAS End of the First Semester

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

We hope you enjoyed your games and had a fun time throughout the first semester. The first semester is nearly at an end, and as exams are closing in, so some of the games have already stopped for this year, but for those of you who are students and still playing into exam season, please make sure you have enough time to also study.

I’m here mainly with an update on the room situation, we still have the Study in the Afternoon and Evening, during our normal Sunday time-slots, on the 10th and 17th of December, after which you will have to find space on your own. As you may know, Wendesday is a bit of a mess, so we haven’t had a real room at any point during the semester. Feel free to play wherever and whenever you want, in order to spite EUSA.

That’s pretty much it, good luck with exams everyone, and in case I don’t find an excuse to mail you again, Happy Holidays, and all the best!

For the Glory of GEAS,
Tudor Ferariu
Secretary 2015-17