Room Bookings 2019/20

18 SeptemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
22 SeptemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
25 SeptemberWednesday EveningNo Booking
Occupy Teviot
29 SeptemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
2 OctoberWednesday EveningNo Booking
Occupy Teviot
6 OctoberSunday AfternoonDebating Hall
6 OctoberSunday EveningDining Room
9 OctoberWednesday Evening 8:30Occupy Teviot
Dining Room at 8:30
13 OctoberSunday AfternoonOccupy Teviot
13 OctoberSunday EveningDining Room
16 OctoberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
20 OctoberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
23 OctoberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
26 OctoberSaturday Evening
Halloween Gaming!
Balcony RoomHalloween!
27 OctoberSunday AfternoonStudy
27 OctoberSunday EveningDebating Hall
30 OctoberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
3 NovemberSunday AfternoonStudy
3 NovemberSunday EveningDining Room
6 NovemberWednesday EveningDebating HallGame pitches
10 NovemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating HallGame pitches
13 NovemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
17 NovemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
20 NovemberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
23 NovemberSaturday Evening
GM Workshop
Balcony RoomGM Basics
24 NovemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
27 NovemberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
1 DecemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
4 DecemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
8 DecemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
11 DecemberWednesday EveningOccupy Teviot
15 DecemberSunday Afternoon
and Evening
Debating Hall
18 DecemberWednesday EveningDebating Hall
Evening sessions start at 6, afternoon sessions at 1 (mostly)

GM Workshops

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing summer and that you are looking forward to another year of gaming!

Before we start back, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding Monthly GM workshops.

Is this something we are all still interested in? and if so how would you like them to be run?

I am proposing that we have a panel like discussion followed by an informal social period. This allows people to discuss the topics covered, or just to help each other with gaming queries.

For this format to work I would need some suggestions on what sort of topics you’d like to cover and ideally some volunteers who are comfortable discussing the mechanics and issues surrounding the running of games.

it would also be useful to get a sense of people who may be interested in speaking at these workshops. You would not be expected to speak every month but if there is a topic you have experience with and would feel comfortable discussing id love to have you come along and share your expertise, anecdotes and wisdom.

Once I have generated some feed back i’ll update you all on the proposed topic list for the first semester & the dates of the workshops themselves.

If you would like to send some feedback please get back to me via the email or the facebook post.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in September 😀

For the glory of GEAS,

Robyn (Events )