17 June, 2020 17:52

Greetings, Grand Adventurers!

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during lockdown! Just wanted to let you all know that we will be holding two events in the coming weeks: a TTRPG themed pub social, and a digital attempt at our usual summer social.

The pub social is on Friday, June 26 at 1800 (6pm).

The summer social is on Friday, July 3 at 1900 (7pm).

Both events will be hosted via the GEAS Discord, which you can join with the link below:


If you’d like to be reminded of the events, you can follow the events on the GEAS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/geasedinburgh.

For the glory of GEAS!
Stella Segar
Socials Coordinator

Dealing with ‘Zoom Fatigue’ and Other Challenges of Gaming Virtually

As summer games begin and our gaming moves on-line, we face challenges of adapting to new, virtual environments. In a previous post, I discussed a few tips on adapting our game safety tools for on-line play. In this post, we’ll look at some challenges to accessibility that video conferencing may pose. We hope that this will be a starting point for all players and GMs to think about issues that might arise while gaming on-line, so we can be mindful of this going forward and accommodate people’s needs.

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