AGM 2019

Our glorious AGM has occurred.

The main event is of course, the election of the new committee, but first some administrative votes were held.

  1. Conpulsion and Nationals elections deferred to an EGM after their respective events.

  2. Creation of a new, advisory Comittee position of legacy committee advisor – an ex committee member to assist the new committee with the process of being a committee and navigating EUSAs rules.

  3. The existing advisory roles of webmaster and wellbeing officer affirmed as continuing

  4. New Committee Elections

President: Emily Booth

Secretary: Logan Anderson

Treasurer: Angus Barr

Socials: Jason Ebblewhite

Webmaster: Alan Jackson

Legacy Advisor: Judith Spaargaren

Wellbeing officer: Vivek Santayana

  1. The EGM date will be announced once we have a venue booked. It will be after the nationals, which are in mid April.

Conpulsion needs you!

Greetings Grand Adventurers

As you will all be aware, Conpulsion, or glorious annual feast of gaming will be happening in mid april.

Of course, to make this the best we very can we need games. And for games we need GMs.

So if you have a one-off game you would like to run please let us know!

More info on conpulsion on ourĀ site and GM game submissions can be foundĀ here

Of course, there is a sweetener, as a GM you get discount entry to Conpulsion…..

For the Glory of GEAS
Alan Jackson
Webmaster 2006-18