Summer Games Deadline and Charity Event

Hey adventurers!

Just a quick reminder that signups for summer games close at 12pm tomorrow. You can find a full list of the GMs running games at the link below, along with instructions on how to sign up:

Also one of our members, Milo van Mesdag, will be running a 24 hour gaming event in aid of the British Red Cross’ COVID-19 response. You can find more information about his livestream and support his efforts at his fundraising page:

Keep safe out there,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary


Game Safety in On-Line Play

When we game in person, it is usually straightforward to adopt safety tools in play: placing a T-Card at the centre of the table, reading through a safety checklist together at session 0, et cetera. When gaming online, though, reading the room and having these mechanisms in place might take a little forethought.

For more info on game safety tools, look up this resource that we’ve got compiled on our Google Drive:

You can find a copy of the Geas T-Card here:

We at Geas want everyone to be safe and have fun when playing their games. This is more so the case now, as games have moved on-line. These are some tips for GMs running games on-line on how to ensure game safety even in these changed environments. We hope you find this useful! Continue reading “Game Safety in On-Line Play”

Pub Quiz

Hey there adventurers,
Just a reminder that we’re holding a pub quiz this Saturday evening to celebrate the end of term. It’ll be held on Discord at 6pm on the 23rd May, you can join the quiz server via the link below:

So come join us for a bit of fun, banter and the chance to come away with a prize.

Keep rolling,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary


Summer Games and Pub Quiz

Hello adventurers!
As we’re moving into summer and the end of term, we thought it was time to update you on what’s happening within the society and how you can take part in summer games. Hopefully, we can provide a bit of fun as lockdown continues.

Quaransteams & Pub Quiz
Since the start of April, the committee have been uploading Quaranstreams to the GEAS Facebook page on Wednesdays. Our current and former Presidents, Robyn and Emily, have run a couple of livestreams together to give us all a bit of a light-hearted break from the current situation. Meanwhile, Vivek has interviewed members of the society and wider gaming community to produce a podcast exploring remote gaming and the history of GEAS. These are all available to enjoy on the Facebook page at:

To end off the summer term and in lieu of our usual social, we’ll be hosting a pub quiz on the 23rd May. The quiz will be run via Discord and will be TTRPG themed (obviously). More details will be released closer to the time, including team sign ups and possible prizes!

Summer Games
The society normally helps GMs find players for their games outside of term time with an end of term social; but owing to current circumstances this isn’t possible this year. Instead, we’ll helping GMs find players for their games online.

GMs will have until the 20th May to submit a game via this form: Once we have a list of games, we’ll advertise them from the 23rd to 27th May, players will then be able to sign up for the games they’re interested in. We’ll be in touch with more details on allocations later on.

Keep on rolling,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary