Games Starting Sunday 20th

Hello everyone, just a little update telling you some of the games we have on offer. These will be updated each week with the number of spaces left. Also if you have a request send an email ( or leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do about it!

Remember on Sundays we’re in Teviot Mezzanine, and on Wednesdays we’re in the Pleasance – meet at the bar to find GMs/rooms.

Wednesday 1-5
-(7th Oct): Celtic Legends or Feng Shui or BESM (anime game: any genre or setting depending on players) or World’s Simplest RPG system

Wednesdays 6-10
-Nautical Campaign D&D 3.5
-Dark Future (sci-fi)

Sundays 1-5
-(3rd October): systemless superheroes and supervillains game.

-Space 1889
-The Compassionate and the Merciful (Homebrew Fantasy)
-Orpheus, ghost stories for ghosts (probably best for experienced RPers due to the slightly complex system)
-D&D 2nd edition
-Star Trek
-D&D 4th edition
-Refractions (creepy)

Sundays 6-10
-Dark Future
-Deleted (espionage thriller)
-Mouseguard: Tiny Heros
-Torchwood 1923. Steampunk madness
-4th Edition D&D

See you on Sunday,
(GEAS President)