Semester 2!

Hello everyone, had a lovely holiday? Here’s some information for semester 2.


The meeting places are a bit squiffy  so here’s the meeting points. All dates are normal (Sunday -> Mezzanine & Terrace or Wednesday -> Lomond, Executive, & Monroe) except these:

Jan 17 -> Mezzanine only

Jan 20 -> Meadow’s BarJan

24 -> Meadow’s Bar

Jan 31 -> Mezzanine only

Feb 7 -> Mezzanine only

Feb 14 -> Mezzanine only

March 10-> Meadow’s Bar

March 14 -> Mezzanine only

March 26-28 -> Conpulsion

April 21-> restart after Easter vacation

May 26 -> Last GEAS of 2009-2010


If you’d like me to email out your game, or to pop them on the website email us with a brief synopsis and at what time your game is running.

Refresher’s Fair

We have the Refresher’s fairy on Tuesday 19th (9-5, Pleasance). If you are available to help (even for a short while) please can you email us ( We’re super short of help because Tuesday’s a busy day for many students, so your help will be greatly appreciated.


Finally, I’m putting out some feelers to see who would be interested in a laserquest war against Sciffy (the sci-fi and fantasy society). I’m just looking (at this point) to see if it’s worth organising, so if you are interested comment here or send us an email.

Hope to see you soon,

Sam (GEAS President)