Change of location

Greetings, Grand Adventurers!

The ordinary games will start on Sunday 26th but there has been a slight change in plans.

The Mezzanine has been renamed the Amphion and made unbookable since they want to open the café there. This means we will meet in the Underground bar instead. Since the new Amphion is quite new and Sundays are slow there it will probably be possible to sit up there for the games anyway but we’ll meet in the Underground first. From the second week, we should also have the Study (the Terrace for those familiar with the now outdated outlay of Teviot). Hopefully, we’ll find enough space to not be uncomfortably crowded.

The Underground bar is a bar in the Teviot, which is here. Once inside, you first go left, past one staircase to the big stairs. Then go down those and then towards the men’s room and then left. Or just ask someone once inside.

-Jonatan Rostén (Omnipotent President and Benevolent Dictator of GEAS)