Spring 2011

Greetings, Grand Adventurers.

The bookings for next semester has opened and GEAS has got bookings. Here is some information-heavy information. There should be a reminder before any inconsistencies so you don’t have to keep everything in your head.

Sundays stay basically the same (1-5 pm, 6-10 pm). We have the Study/Terrace (Teviot) and will overflow into the Mezzanine/New Amphion. Because of EUSAs new limit on bookings, the time between 5 and 6 pm, usually dinner, is not booked. It’s not likely that anyone will claim that hour ever. So far, we know of no disruptions.

Wednesday games have changed a little. The first Wednesday is the 19th of January and will be in the Highland room of the Pleasance. The second Wednesday, 26th of January, will be in the Dining room of the Teviot. After that, all Wednesday games but one will be in the Terrace bar as well. On the 23rd of March, we will be in the Dining room again. It is likely that we will meet up in the Library bar before heading up to wherever we are going so you’ll be reminded then. It is still 6-10 pm.

The first official Sunday session of 2011 is on the 16th of January and the first Wednesday session is the 19th of January. The semester ends with the sessions on the 20th of March (Sunday) and the 23rd of March (Wednesday). There is a three week study period during which the Teviot is not bookable. The bookings will then continue from the 20th and 24th of April until the 22nd and 25th of May. Hopefully, there should be a reminder before then so you don’t have to remember everything.

In an unrelated notice, Loren Wiseman of Traveller fame, one of the speakers at last years conpulsion has fallen ill and had a heart attack. There is a book in the Black Lion shop that will be sent to him so if anyone who feels that they’ve spent some time with him during conpulsion or otherwise, you can drop by before the 30th of November and write something nice in it.

-Jonatan Rostén (President of GEAS)