Games starting or filling up spring 2011

These are the games I know about. If you are interested in running a game and you have not contacted, do so (or show up on the first session and tell me).

New games:

Icon (Matthew Knighton, Sunday afternoon), a simple and fun super hero game. Think Kitchen sink super hero roleplaying game.

Swords of the Middle Kingdom (Stephen McMorland, Sunday afternoon) Kung Fu action RPG set in a fictitious Ancient China type world called Wulin, you play members of various Kung Fu sects fighting tyranny with a price on your head etc. It uses Hong Kong Action Theatre rules – AKA Cinemaction and is a Cinematic Stunt filled fun fest of crazy antics and melodrama – please direct your less rubbish role-players in my direction – I am willing to take on maybe two or three apprentices to teach them the Ways of Kung Fu.

D&D 3.5ish (Timothy Raspin, Sunday afternoon) a low(ish) level D&D 3.5 game using the Eberron Campaign setting. As always, I have some House Rules though these are relatively minor modifications to the base rules. However, I do have a completely different alignment system that has proved to encourage roleplaying. Room for about 2.

Doctor Who (Craig Oxbrow, Sunday afternoon)

Vampire: The Requiem (Craig Oxbrow, Sunday evening)

Serenity (Euan Reid, Wednesday afternoon) Since this is not an official GEAS time slot and no presentation will be held, you can contact if you are interested.

Some or single slots:

Feng Shui (David McIlhinney, Sunday Evenings) Big Explosions, Time Travel and Flying Monkeys all included. “Plenty” of room.

Refractions (Phil Harris, Sunday afternoon) 3 possible slots.

Beyond the Maelstrom (Phil Harris, Sunday evening) One opening.

Witchcraft (Ben McCallum, Sunday evenings) One free slot.

1920s game (Matthew Barrowcliffe, Sunday afternoon) Roughly speaking the game is a
cross between Jeeves and Wooster, The Laundry by Charles Stross, the
Scarifiers (a radio series) and a period drama that may involve a gay
athiest anarchist. One free slot

Bronze age GURPS (Crian Shields, some Sundays, some Saturdays). One space.

Call of Cthullu (Rasmus Dall, every other Friday) contact if you want to get in touch with them. Could use one or possibly two more players.

For the moment, it seems to be mostly Sunday games.