2012 Gaming Sessions

Merry Christmas, Grand Adventurers

I hope your holidays are merry or otherwise enjoyable. Here are the specifics about the GEAS bookings for the spring.

Wednesdays (6pm – 10pm): The first session is January 18th in the Dining room. Then there is one week where there is no official session, so the second session is on February 1st, also in the Dining room. Then there is another skip week, but after that, all sessions should be running. All sessions after the second skip are in the Study.

Sundays (1pm – 5pm and 6pm – 10pm): The first Sunday session is January 22nd. Sundays are in the Dining room with a few exceptions. On January 29th (second week) and February 19th there are no official evening sessions and the sessions on March 25 are completely cancelled. On February 2nd and 19th, as well as April 29th, we will be in the Billiard room in the afternoon.

Hopefully, I should be around so that I can tell everyone what’s going on.