GEAS Fresher’s Fair

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

We need some able and willing volunteers to help with luring in unsuspecting victims new members during Fresher’s Week.

The Activities Fair will take place at 60 Pleasance on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th of September 2017 from 11am-4pm each day. There will be access from 9am to set up our table but we don’t need that much time, so I intend to be there at aprox 10:30. Our stall will be in the Tented Area behind the Salisbury Block. We should (unsurprisingly) be in the Gaming and Roleplaying area.

You don’t need to be there the entire time on both days, so just mail me if and when you’d be willing to help so I can coordinate something.

For the Glory of GEAS,

Tudor Ferariu

Secretary 2015-17