GEAS Re-pitches, Halloween and more

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

First of all, you should all know that on Sunday the 29th, the Evening Session will be taking place in the Debating Hall, instead of the Study, roughly at the same time it usually does, everything regarding the other sessions is unchanged on that week.

Re-pitches are coming soon, and they will be taking place:

  • Sunday the 5th of November, at around 12:50, in the Teviot Study.
  • Sunday the 5th of November, at around 18:50, in the Teviot Study.
  • Wednesday the 1st of November, in the Teviot Study, at 18:45 sharp, because we only have the room for one hour in order to get the pitches organised and then have to spread around Teviot like we usually do. Sadly finding suitable rooms for Wednesdays is still impossible.

These will happen just like at the beginning of the semester, each GM will pitch their game, some might be new, some might be ongoing, returning players get priority to stay in their game, new members choose games, then everyone else gets to join the remaining slots.

Also, a reminder that our Halloween One-shots Event is coming up, on the 27th of October, in the Teviot Dining Room from 20:30-23:59. Expect spooky roleplaying, and if you want to GM, just show up and pitch your game.

Finally, at Re-pitches we will start checking for membership, we don’t really need much to keep operating, but we NEED you to register as members, so we can have some leverage in order to push EUSA for better rooms, as we are growing bigger and still receive little to no priority on Wednesday bookings. Registering is only 5 pounds for students and 10 for non-students for the whole year, so please do it here. Registration can only be done online, but we can arrange something in person for people who aren’t able to do it digitally.

For the Glory of GEAS,
Tudor Ferariu
Secretary 2015-17