Nationals Final Call and Pub Social

Esteemed members of GEAS,

This is the final call for the trip to NSRWC next April, if you would like to go and haven’t already got in touch with me, this is the last chance before I start to put things together. For those that have signed up, I will be sending an email confirming that you all still want to go by tomorrow, if you do not receive this email then let me know so I can make sure you are on the list.

Moving on from Nationals, we have a Pub Social booked in the Southsider at 1900 on Friday the 15th of December. (You can turn up whenever you want but the booking will be from 7 and I will be there from 7) We’ve been having a great turnout for these past few socials, which makes me very happy, so keep doing what you’re doing.

Thank you,
Jason Ebblewhite
Socials and Events Coordinator