GEAS Semester 2 Re-Pitches Date Change

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

Sorry for the mails in quick succession. The weather has recently become quite foul and everyone is having some trouble or another dealing with the issues this is causing, consequently we have decided to postpone the Sunday re-pitches.

We will still try, and hopefully succeed, in holding the Sunday games as usual, but given the fact that many people might have a hard time getting here, or that University venues might continue to be closed, we have decided to hold the Sunday re-pitches next week instead. Wednesday re-pitches will hopefully go ahead unchanged. The new schedule for re-pitches is as follows:

  • Wednesday the 7th of March, Lomond Room, Pleasance, 18:30-22:30
  • Sunday the 11th of March, Lomond Room, Pleasance, 12:30-17:00 for Afternoon Games
  • Sunday the 11th of Match, Lomond Room, Pleasance, 18:30-22:30 for Evening Games

For the Glory of GEAS,

Tudor Ferariu
Secretary 2015-18