Wellbeing Officer Checkup

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

This is a PSA from your friendly neighbourhood Wellbeing Officer to remind you that not only do I exist, but there are many ways you could contact me if you needed to! As wellbeing officer, I am the person you go to when you have issues within the society; I will always be here to help you with any GEAS related problems, no matter how big or small.

If you ever need to contact me anonymously, e.g. to make a complaint, you can do so through the GEAS tumblr, which you can privately message by following this link: http://geaswelfare.tumblr.com/.
If you do not have a tumblr, or if you’re simply okay with contacting me without anonymity, you can send me an email to this address: geas.welfare.

Also please feel free to approach me in person with any questions or problems you have! I won’t bite, I promise!

With that said, I hope to see all of you at Conpulsion this weekend!

For the glory of GEAS,
Emily Booth
Wellbeing Officer