Pre-exams pub social!

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

This is your shiny new Social Secretary! As of today I have the date for our April social, so you can drink away your sorrows before exam season catches up with you.

The social will be on Saturday the 28th of April, in The Pear Tree, starting at 6:30pm, and carrying on till late. In case you’ve never been there before, the Pear Tree is on 38 West Nicholson Street, very nearby the George Square Campus.

This social is not our Summer Games Social, which we plan to have in May after exams are finished, so keep an eye on your emails for news of that one!

In addition, I would like to remind you that we have an EGM happening on Sunday the 22nd at 5:00pm to deal with next year’s Conpulsion Committee Leader and Nationals Coordinator, as well as an update on the state of the GEAS library.

I hope to see you all at both!

For the glory of GEAS,
Julia Rowe
Social Secretary

PS. Sorry if you get this email several times, We were having trouble with our email, but have now moved to a proper mailing list thing with unsubscribe buttons and such.