This Week’s Room Bookings

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

This Sunday we are in the Dining Room for both afternoon and evening games, and the Potterrow Dome for Wednesday evening.

Also, a quick word from Sakura about the promotional film mentioned at pitches:

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in the pitches, a guy called Victor Mira has approached us proposing a promotional video for GEAS/roleplaying games.
We have been made in charge of finding people to be in the video. I don’t have a target number yet, but I think the more the merrier for now! If you would like to be involved, message me on facebook (Sakura Brandi) or answer this email.
The filming will take place during the weekends, probably in February. The vague premise is that it will showcase three different genres of games e.g. vampire the masquerade, sci-fi, classic fantasy/DnD etc… A lot of the roles will probably be background characters with little to no lines, but you will get to dress-up!
Costumes and makeup will be taken care of by Victor but I’m sure if you had things you wanted to wear/lend he would happily accept that too.

Hopefully we can premiere it at Conpulsion!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


For the Glory of GEAS!

Josh Shanks
GEAS Secretary