IMPORTANT: Memberships

Greetings Grand Adventurers!
As we are in week 5 of the semester, we are going to ask that everyone playing in games with us ensure they have membership to the society. As of this week we are going to be checking memberships during games, and we are going to have to insist anyone playing in geas games is a paid member if they wish to continue in their game. We ask that if you have paid your membership, you bring your membership card to the sessions as proof.

Membership costs £3 for the whole year and £1.50 for a single semester. Having a GEAS membership also gives you discounts in Games Hub, Tempo Tea Bar, Black Lion Games and Murphy’s Vault. You can purchase your membership here:

If you are having trouble paying for your membership, please tell a committee member as soon as possible so we can help.

Thank you to everyone who has paid their membership. It is important we have our membership numbers in writing as proof of the size of our society, as larger societies are given priority for booking larger rooms and are less likely to be moved to different rooms.

For the glory of GEAS!
Emily Booth
President 2019/20