GEAS Pub Social: Friday 28th Feb

Hi folks,

Jason here, I thought I’d apologise first of all for how few socials we have had in the past months. I hit a few snags in the booking process and unfortunately did not commit enough time sorting it previously.

To attempt to make up for this, we have a social coming on Saturday 7th March 1900 (7pm) onwards at Sofi’s Southside; as it was thoroughly enjoyed by most last time. As I wrote in the facebook events page and am now going to shamelessly paste into this email "We’re well into our second semester at GEAS and I’m sure you’d all love to talk about what’s going on inside and outside of your games! Please come along and drink plenty, as I’m sure here you won’t be alone. "
We will also have a social at the end of March (Saturday 28th March 1900 onwards at Sofi’s Southside) which I will update you on after the upcoming social has occurred. This is the weekend before Conpulsion Flame so we hope that spirits are high and.. um.. flammable? I guess spirits are actually flammable but that’s neither here nor there.

With regards to the social(s): we have the upstairs room booked and it can hold roughly 40 people, so please get yourself along and carouse to your heart’s content! Following is the events page on fb :

For the glory of GEAS,
Jason Ebblewhite
Socials Coordinator