AGM 2020: On-Line Ballots Now Open

Dear Grand Adventurers,

Voting in the on-line ballot for our Annual General Meeting for 2020 is now open.

The ballot closes at 5 pm on Sunday, 29 March.

The agenda for the AGM, including the full text of motions being voted on, is available here:

The instructions for how to use the on-line ballot and the election statements of all candidates for committee positions can be found here:

Once you have read the motions and statements, the on-line ballot can be accessed here:

Please note that only student members are eligible to vote. We will be voting using a Microsoft Form on the University of Edinburgh’s Office365 system. You will need to authenticate by logging in to your university Office365 account. If you have any difficulties doing so, please let us know.

We would like to urge as many of you to vote as possible, as this would make sure that we make quorum and that the AGM is fair and representative of our membership.

Praises be upon Geas,

Vivek Santayana
Equality and Wellbeing Officer