Results of the 2020 Annual General Meeting On-Line Ballot

Dear Adventurers,

I am pleased to announce the results of the on-line ballot for our 2020 Annual General Meeting. Thank you to all our members who voted, and to all those who put themselves forward for Committee positions for next year. We appreciate the dedication and commitment our members show in the running of the Society, and the way this is reflected when they participate in our AGM.

The following are the results of the AGM ballot:

A. Motions for the General Meeting:

Motion 1: Carried. Advisory committee positions will need to be ratified annually from now on.
Motion 2: Carried. The Game Safety Policy has been adopted with immediate effect.
Motion 3: Carried. The Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaints Procedure have been updated.
Motion 4: Carried. The Constitution has been amended.
Motion 5: Carried. Conpulsion 2020 has been suspended.
Motion 6: Carried. The existing advisory positions have been ratified.

B. Office-Bearers for 2020-21:

President: Robyn Higgins
Secretary: Sophie Hine
Treasurer: Amy McMonagle
Events Organiser: Emma MacKay
Socials Coordinator: Stella Segar
Conpulsion Liaison: Charlie Kelly
Webmaster: Alan Jackson
Equality and Wellbeing Officer: Vivek Santayana
Legacy Advisor: Emily Booth

Congratulations to the newly elected office-bearers. We wish them a fruitful tenure.

We would also like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to last year’s committee, especially the out-going members Logan, Angus, Jason, Calum, and Judith, for all their hard work and leadership in making the Society grow.

Detailed results of the ballot can be found at the updated link

I am also really pleased that our experiment of moving the AGM to an on-line ballot given Covid-19 has worked well. Meanwhile, we hope all our members are healthy and safe in these tumultuous times. Take care.

Of Geas, by Geas, and for Geas,
Vivek Santayana
Equality and Wellbeing Officer