Membership Fees and RPG System Reviews

Hey there adventurers!

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer and any games you’re playing. I’ve got a quick reminder for you and an opportunity to get involved in a new project the committee has planned.

Reducing Membership Fees

We currently have a ballot running to reduce membership fees for the 2020-21 academic year, with voting closing this coming Monday at 5pm. As GEAS is moving online for the first semester and won’t have any venues, we felt it would be fair to our members to lower membership fees.

The proposed memberships fees for both student and non-student members are:

Full year: £1.50

Semester 1: £0

Semester 2: £1.50

As our membership fees are set in the GEAS constitution, we require the proposal to be voted on and to achieve a two-thirds majority at a General Meeting. This is being carried out in the same manner as the AGM we held earlier in the year, with all paid student members for the 2019-20 year able to cast their vote via the University of Edinburgh’s Office365 portal. You can access the ballot using your UoE email account at the following link:

The ballot will remain open till 5pm on 24th August.

Call for RPG System Reviews

As GEAS is moving online for the new semester, we’re putting together a newsletter to help inspire your gaming and ease the transition into this new style of play.

Online gaming brings its own challenges and not all systems survive the change of platform, so we’re looking for short reviews of RPG systems you’ve enjoyed playing online. Whether it’s a well-loved classic, a new system, or a little-known gem, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Submissions can be sent to the committee via email at geas.committee or through our Facebook page at , either as a private message or as a comment on this post. Please keep your reviews to less than 100 words and let us know how you would like to be credited, e.g. with your full name or anonymously. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your review will be published but all submissions will be considered for inclusion.

The deadline for system reviews is 1st September at 6pm.

Stay well and keep rolling,

Sophie Hine

GEAS Secretary