January 2021 Sunday Evening Pitch Listings

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched in the evening on Sunday, 17 January 2021. Evening pitches will take place at 6 pm on the Geas Discord server. These games will take place on Sundays at the same time slot every week.

To sign up to a game, please join the Geas Discord at https://geas.org.uk/discord

The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen on Discord after the GMs have pitched their games live.

Baldur’s Gate: A Land Divided (*New*)

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
GM: James Marsh
Description: You and your party members will venture through the iconic main D&D setting of Faerun’s Sword Coast. The lands around the city of Baldur’s Gate have become rather dangerous of late. Reports of bandits working with monsters, citizens abducted from villages at alarming rates and strange creatures sighted in the forests have broken the relative tranquility of the region. These events have marked an influx of adventurers from all over the Sword Coast to Baldur’s gate – the Players included. The game begins with the party escorting a merchant caravan headed to Baldur’s gate. On the way you will experience first-hand some of the troubles within the region. The game will be played on roll20 integrated with DnDBeyond (only free accounts needed). The campaign will largely be open-ended with short story arcs and will feature a balanced split of combat and roleplay throughout.
Format: Voice with optional video through discord. Roll20 + DnDBeyond for playing the game.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Violence, Humanoid/Animal Sacrifice, Drug use.

Before the Odyssey (*New*)

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
GM: Duncan Henley-Washford
Description: Taking place in the realm of Thylea, an undiscovered peninsula far off in the Forgotten Sea, this campaign will be a precursor to Odyssey of the Dragonlords (an ancient Greek themed setting – but no former knowledge of this is needed!). Your party will interact with Nymphs, Satyrs, Centaurs and Giants (perhaps even the Titans themselves) as you set off on an adventure through the woods, fields, seas and mountains of Thylea. You will experience Thylea before the arrival of the Gods and navigate social relations between the native races (those native to Thylea) and outsider mortal races (Humans, elves, dwarves etc.).
Format: Voice definitely (video encouraged if people feel comfortable). Using Roll20.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Player-led ultimately but possible themes include: Violence, references to sex, fantasy themed drugs. PLAYERS will be able to establish lines and veils (things they are or aren’t okay with) before we begin.

Cyberpunk Anthology (*New*)

System: Various, starting with The Sprawl (PbtA)
GM: Alan Jackson
Description: An anthology of cyberpunk stories. Starting with The Sprawl (PbtA) for classic cyberpunk combat heists. Then moving to other weirder indie games to look at the same heroes in different types of story. A weak continuity anthology of stories and what-ifs about a set of cyberpunk protagonists doing cyberpunk things. I’ve just finished 2077, and will be using the setting book of that for background.
Format: Zoom
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Violence. Drama. Mind twisting lack of continuity.

For the Honour of Grayskull (*New*)

System: For the Honour (Firebrands)
GM: Vivek Santayana
Description: Set in the DreamWorks She Ra and the Princess of Power universe, centuries after the Horde’s invasion was repelled, and Etheria was restored to the Galaxy from its pocket dimension, the planet — and all of its magic — faces a new threat from an invading Legion and its Dark Lord. Etheria’s defences are in disarray. Players will play princesses of power, leaders of the Wilds, members of the Rebellion or the Legion, and deal with the complex emotional drama between characters as their relationships, allegiances, and loyalties shift. This is a GM-less, collaborative, story game about inter-personal conflict and drama. We will get to define key aspects of the story and setting during character gen. We must be strong. We must be brave. And we must find every bit of strength and never let it go. We will be playing our own characters and stories in the universe, so no prior knowledge of the minutiae of She Ra is required.
Format: Zoom voice/video, Discord to roll dice, Trello to manage character cards. Netflix subscription to (re)watch She Ra not necessary, but recommended.
Spaces: 4
Age Rating: PG
Content Advisories: There will likely be romance. There will be themes of colonialism and war.

Horror On The Orient Express (*New*)

System: Call of Cthulhu
GM: Craig Barnes
Description: In the winter of 1923 a lecture on supernatural occurrences brings a number of detective agencies together in London. Here they are sent on an adventure spanning seven countries and following the route of the famous Orient Express. They will face Danger, Death and Horror beyond anything their minds could possibly perceive. You will lead one of these agencies and command a group of characters on a quest that will see none survive without scars. But maybe, Just maybe, you’ll save the day.
Format: I’ll be using Roll 20 for dice and character sheets and Discord for coms
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Cosmic Horror, Gore, Sexual Themes, 1920 Social Issues, Viloence, Mental Illness, High Likleyhood of PC Death


System: Exodus
GM: Alexander Kiker
Description: You are members of a small group of adventurers, about a dozen or so companions who have known each other for years and been on many adventures together. A recent mission to an abandoned tower provided you with more questions than answers, so you have decided to pursue the leads discovered in ancient journals in the hopes of finding more knowledge, and perhaps more treasure.
The game will be in a fantasy setting, with themes of exploration and discovery, companionship and family, and a strong focus on collaborative storytelling.
Format: Voice and Video
Spaces: 3
Age Rating: PG
Content Advisories: The game may touch on the meaning of life and inevitability of death, and slavery exists within the fantasy world.

Neon Lords of Rust City

System: Cyberpunk 2020
GM: Milo van Mesdag
Description: As new arrivals in Rust City, you are plunged straight into the heart of a roiling mass of factions, politics and schemes.  This will be an open-world game, the story will be completely up to you and how you react to the complex, morally grey streets of Rust City.  It will also be a very combat-light game: getting your gun out should always be the last resort (unless you really like making new characters).
Also, while I am using the Cyberpunk 2020 system, I don’t like it (and don’t like rule-heavy systems in general) so I’ll probably end up playing a bit fast and loose with it.  I focus on story and character, rather than mechanics.
Format: Video, and I may be using Roll20 occasionally.
Spaces: 7
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: This will mostly depend on the players, but classic cyberpunk themes of sex, drugs and body modification will be unavoidable.


System: DWN (Homebrewed Narrative Limited Dice)
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
Description: The city of Stormveil and its golden spires lies on the edge of the kingdoms against the Storm Veil desert. It guards the high mountains and is accessible only by narrow paths, the great cable cars, or by zeppelins. Here in the shining spires and the built up town around them a cosmopolitan  people live, many refugees and many cultures all crammed into the winding streets that surround the spires of Stormveil castle. Beyond the Storm Veil desert lie the ever changing forces of the abyss, the swirling pools of chaos, the secrets of infinite knowledge, and the demonically charged enemies of order. Stormveil holds the line, guarding the kingdoms with its cannons, and wards, and people.
Format: Personal Discord – Backup Webex – Vision and Sound
Spaces: 3 to 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Survival, Mystery, Discovery.

The Maegorico Campaign (*New*)

System: Dungeon World
GM: Brooks
Description: The Maegorico Campaign will be a wild fantasy adventure set in a world of my own creation. If you’re looking to play as a knight in shining armour, a swashbuckling pirate, a mysterious mage, or a keen-eyed ranger this semester, then this is the game for you! Your adventurers will find themselves thrown into all sorts of exciting scenarios, from ancient ruins to dingy sewers, mysterious forests to forgotten mines. Maegorico has many exciting and dangerous locations filled with monsters to battle and treasure to find. Dungeon World is one of my favourite ttrpg systems, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you folks. I think that the rules are super elegant and don’t get in the way of the game’s flow, and the game’s quick pace means that there’s never a dull moment. Anyway, yeah! I’m looking forward to playing and finding out what happens!
Format: Discord voice, plus video if everyone is comfortable with it.
Spaces: 3 to 5
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: General fantasy violence, but there shouldn’t be anything graphic.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Nobody’s Home

System: Vampire: the Masquerade 5e
GM: Craig Oxbrow
Description: Vampire: The Masquerade is a game of modern horror, set in a world that looks like our own but where monsters hide in the shadows. Knowledge of the setting and system is not required, the system is straightforward and the setting is full of secrets.
Your characters are new to the night in a city where a new vampire ‘Prince’ has seized power, leaving the Damned fighting amongst themselves. The oldest cling to their power, the youngest fight for their survival.
Can the prince hold the throne? Or can you tear it down?
Format: Voice or video, with GEAS dice bot or rolling at home
Spaces: 4 to 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Blood, violence, horror


System: Homebrew dice pool (Witches)
GM: Angus Barker
Description: The Marshes are a strange place. Ever shifting and saturated with magic, they are a place where the lines between the living and the dead are blurred; home to all manner of spectres, dark spirits and little nameless gods. And to you, of course.
You are a group of witches, folk magicians and other assorted practitioners of magic who make your homes in the clustered little communities that litter the Marshes. For the past few years you have found yourselves caught up, willingly or otherwise, in an insurgency against the forces that would seek to subjugate this place. The rulers of the City would see the Marshes and its people subdued or simply wiped away. What stands in the way of the end of your way of life are a few scattered and disorganised bands of guerilla fighters of questionable competence. That’s you. Good luck.
Format: Discord video call and online dice roller or rolling at home
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Mild horror, violence, some state brutality. Some of the more grizzly aspects of magic such as haruspicy, blood magic, animal sacrifice and necromancy, though I’m happy to be as vague about the details as is necessary for people to feel comfortable.