Repitches and Holiday One Shots

Hello there, Adventurers!
With teaching wrapping up this week and the Easter break starting, we won’t be holding any more repitches this term. Instead, we’ll be beginning preparations for summer games, so be on the lookout for an email explaining how to get involved.
Any games that are currently running are more than welcome to continue making use of the GEAS Discord, as are any GMs looking to organise a new game. The committee will still be available to help out with any problems you might have, be they technical, welfare, or otherwise.

Easter One-Shots

This Saturday, 3rd April at 6pm, GEAS will be hosting an Easter/April Fools one-shot event. Come along and relieve that end-of-term stress with some rabbit-themed hijinks.
If you’d like to GM a game, then you have until 6pm on Friday to submit your game here:

May the dice be ever in your favour,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary