Reminders: Conpulsion, Pitches and Socials

Hello there, Adventurers!
We’ve just got a few reminders about what’s going on in the next week, it’s a full one so bear with me.
Conpulsion Liaison
Applications for Conpulsion Liaison are closing at 6pm today. We’re looking for a student to join the committee and help with the organisation of GEAS’s gaming convention, Conpulsion. You’ll be responsible for communications between the convention sub-committee and the main GEAS committee, as well as talking to EUSA when needed. It’s a great way to get involved with the society and the wider Scottish gaming scene!

If you’d like to apply to be the Conpulsion Liaison, you can get in touch with us at geas.committee. Please send us a short message about why you’d like to take on the role, this will be included on the online ballot.

Summer Pitches
We’ll be holding pitches for summer games at 6pm on Saturday the 5th June. Things are a bit more casual over the summer, with GMs running games outside of the normal GEAS timeslots. This means that you can potentially join more than one campaign, but please make sure that they don’t clash! We (at the time of writing) have 8 games running, these have been listed on our website and we’ll add more as we receive them. These can be found here:

If you want to run a game and haven’t sent it to us yet, please submit it before 6pm today using this form:

While these games aren’t officially run as a part of the society, all of the normal support is available to players and GMs, so should you need any help feel free to reach out.

Pub Quiz
Game pitches will be followed with a pub quiz and there’ll be prizes in the form of dice from Beholders Gaze ( Each member of the winning team will get their own set of shiny new math rocks, just in time for summer gaming!

Jackbox Game Night
If that’s not enough for you, we’ll also be hosting an evening of Jackbox on Wednesday the 9th June. We’re hoping to make our socials a bit more structured so we’ll be trying out some different activities over the summer. Keep an eye out for future events and let us know what you think!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary