Election Reminder and Sunday Movie Night

Hey there, Adventurers!

Conpulsion Liaison
This is a final reminder to vote for this year’s Conpulsion Liaison, as it closes at 12pm on Monday. Once again, only student members can vote in the election, and you need to use your UoE Office account to do so.

We’re hoping to be back at Teviot Row House for 2022, where we can welcome back familiar faces and introduce our newer members to the joy of convention gaming. It only takes a couple of minutes to vote, and you’ll be helping us organise an event for both the society and the wider Scottish gaming community.

You can vote here:


Voting will remain open until Monday the 21st of June at 12pm.

Howl’s Moving Castle Movie Night

Tomorrow night, Sunday the 20th of June at 6pm, we’ll be hosting our first GEAS movie night! We’ll be watching Howl’s Moving Castle, the Ghibli classic based on the Diana Wynne Jones novel of the same name.

We’ll be watching it on Netflix and using the browser extension Teleparty, which will synchronise the movie for attendees and add a group chat to the site. Both Netflix and Teleparty are needed to take part, with the latter available for free for both Goggle Chrome and Microsoft Edge here:

Thanks for reading!

Sophie Hine

GEAS Secretary