Repitches and AGM Announcement

Hi there Adventurers,

I hope this new year of gaming has started out well for you! This semester tends to be the busy one, so I’ve got quite a bit of information for you today. If you’re short on time here’s the TLDR; reptiches are on the week of the 21st and the AGM will be on the 3rd of April.

We’re now 4 weeks into our games, which means it’s time to start getting ready for repitches in a couple of weeks. If you’d like to join a new game or return to your current one, then we’ll be holding repitches on:

  • 6pm on Wednesday the 23rd
  • 1pm on Sunday the 27th
  • 6pm on Sunday the 27th

As always, if you’re planning to either continue or start a new game at repitches, then you need to register your game 24 hours in advance. This is so that we can publish a list of the games running during each session and set up the relevant Discord channels. This means that the deadlines to submit games are:

  • 6pm on Tuesday the 22nd for Wednesday games
  • 1pm on Saturday the 26th for Sunday afternoon games
  • 6pm on Saturday the 26th for Sunday evening games

If you are planning in GMing during this round of games then pleas submit your game via this form:

We’ll be holding the GEAS Annual General Meeting on the 3rd of April at 5pm, between regular gaming sessions. This will be held online as it was last year, and will make use of an online polling system to count votes (more details will be realised closer to the time). As always, only matriculated student members of the society will be able to vote in the AGM as this is mandated by EUSA and we must follow this rule. However, non-students are welcome to attend the AGM and raise any concerns they may have with proposed motions or the general running of GEAS.

All committee positions will be open for election, however, only matriculated student members may run for non-advisory roles. Again this is required by EUSA and not something we can change. Robyn and myself will not be running again for our current roles of President and Secretary as we’ve both fulfilled the two term limit for executive roles, this means we’ll be welcoming some new faces to executive committee this year. If you’re interested in getting more involved with the society, then the roles up for election are:

  • President (Executive)
  • Secretary (Executive)
  • Treasurer (Executive)
  • Events Organiser
  • Socials Coordinator
  • Conpulsion Liaison
  • Webmaster (Advisory)
  • Equality and Wellbeing Officer (Advisory)
  • Social Media Manager (Advisory)

We’ll be releasing more details in the next few weeks, including; how to write and submit a motion the AGM, what each role entails, and how exactly the AGM will be run on the night. In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us here at geas.committee or on the GEAS Discord server.

May the dice be with you,

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary