Freshers Events

Welcome Adventurers!

For freshers this year we have a multitude of events:

Come to our Introductory games evening, after freshers fair – Wednesday 14th September 6pm in the TEVIOT DEBATING HALL. Tickets available here

Join for questions so geeky even you can answer them – Friday 16th September 7pm – Online in the GEAS discord

Join the Committee to tour local Gaming Shops & Sights – Saturday 17th September 1pm STARTING FROM BRISTO SQUARE

Campaigns will start the following week. These run every week in the same time slot through to Christmas
Wednesday Evening – 21st September 7pm TEVIOT DINING ROOM
Sunday Afternoon – 25th September 1pm TEVIOT DINING ROOM
Sunday Evening – 25th September 7pm TEVIOT DINING ROOM

Online games will be starting the following Saturday 1st October 6pm, on the GEAS discord