GEAS Committee Role Descriptions

In a couple of months time, we’ll have our AGM where we elect new committee members for the society. This is a really important meeting which — even if you’re not interested in running for committee — we need as many people as possible to attend so that the society can reach Quorum and continue into the next year

In advance of the AGM itself, we thought it would be helpful to publish a little post giving information about the sorts of responsibilities and jobs required of the different committee positions. You’re welcome to ask us more questions via email or on discord, but thought this would be a helpful starting place if you’re interested in getting more involved with the society.

Responsibilities between all committee

  • Managing communication and social media for the society, including moderating the Discord and sending emails regarding events, wellbeing and other announcements
  • Supporting and assisting members to seek the right channels for help (all committee members are encouraged to undertake EUSA training and Active Bystander training to assist with this)
  • Contributions and opinions in committee meetings to ensure the society runs smoothly

The Big Three / Executive Committee (Students only)


  • Scheduling and chairing committee meetings
  • Public speaking including managing pitches, freshers events and AGM / EGMs
  • Keeping tabs on and supporting other committee members with their roles
  • Being the friendly face of the society and making sure GEAS runs smoothly (applies to all roles but particularly to presidency)


  • Managing Room Bookings
  • Taking minutes during committee meetings
  • Keeping members notified of AGMs/EGMs via email
  • Updating website information with posts regarding game listings, room bookings and other announcements


  • Managing GEAS funds
  • Submitting yearly budget reports to EUSA
  • Keeping track of receipts and society payments
  • Having the final say and advising on expenditures of other committee members
  • Removing old signatories from the GEAS bank account

Committee Roles (Students only)


  • Organising events relevant to GEAS including: One Shots, GM Workshops, Quizzes and more
  • Organising our attendees to the Student TTRPG Nationals Event
  • Communicating with EUSA and other venues to secure room bookings for events
  • Advertising and encouraging participation in events (particularly so we have good numbers for One Shots)
  • Often working with Socials Coordinator for joint events if there’s any overlap


  • Organising socials relevant to GEAS including: Pub nights, movie nights, board games, game shop crawls and more
  • Communicating with EUSA and other venues to secure room bookings for events
  • Advertising socials 
  • Encouraging participation at the socials themselves (particularly ensuring new freshers and shyer people are able to break the ice!)
  • Often working with Events Coordinator for joint events if there’s any overlap

Conpulsion Liaison

  • Representing the Conpulsion Committee, reporting back on how the Conpulsion event is being organised
  • Sending email circulars and discord announcements to advertise and keep people in the know about Conpulsion
  • Communicating with EUSA about room bookings, quotes and other information needed for the convention
  • Assisting in the recruitment of Conpulsion Directors (putting out advertisements and getting people’s applications in)

Advisory Positions (Can be Non-Students)

Wellbeing Officer (2 positions available)

  • Supporting members who come to you in confidence with wellbeing issues
  • Redirecting serious cases to better resources and proper channels (usually EUSA or the Advice Place)
  • Passing on escalated complaints to other committee members to ensure appropriate sanctions are put in place
  • Checking up on the GEAS welfare email


  • Maintaining the website and GEAS servers
  • Updating passwords, ensuring two factor authentication and helping with technical difficulties surrounding GEAS Accounts
  • Occasionally poking the GEAS Discord Bot so that it works properly