Games running

We can finally give you a list of most of the games running and they are as follows:

Queen, Country, and Cash! Crian Shields (Sunday afternoon, 2 spaces)
London, Britain, Europe, The World, 1885! The steampunk revolution is in full swing; what daring deeds will our heroes undertake? What dastardly doings will they prevent?
The rules system used is Gurps

City of Lies Roderick Easton (Sunday evening, potentially 1 place)

4 Emerald Magistrates and their Scorpion Liaison try to keep the Imperial Law in the corrupt and honourless city of Ryoko Owari.  Who killed the last Magistrate?  How does the bandit leader Fade succeed in his attacks? Where does all that opium go anyway?  Is anyone or anything exactly what they seem?

The Return of the Bronze Cities. Crian Shields (Sunday evening, no spaces)
After a terrible cataclysm, what was a renaissance fantasy world has reverted to the Bronze age. Follow a group of tribals as they travel the world, argue, explode Orcs, dispute, recruit Kobold henchmen, quarrel, and drink anything drinkable. Uses Gurps for rules.

The A Team Alan Jackson (Wednesday evenings, no spaces)
In 1700’s Edinburgh, a bunch of misfit heroes & not-so-heroes do daring deeds and make much marvelous mayhem.  With alchemists, steampunk and ninjas.  Also using my crazy, card based homebrew system.

Shattered Time Alan Jackson (Sunday evenings, no spaces)
A game of heroes and history, deities and demagogues.  Refugees from lost alternate histories converge on the centre of reality and decide what to do about it.  Using the latest version of my homebrew system.  And playing cards.

Reliquary Matthew Barrowcliffe (Sunday afternoons, no spaces)

1920’s adventure, where a group of the Empire’s children try and
contain the residue of past glories and explorations. It is run under
a home-brew card based system, has occult themes and occasional dark

The Rats in the Walds Gregor Hutton (Sunday afternoon, no spaces)
Ventrue forth into a grim world of perilous adventure. A
fraying alliance between the states of Middenheim and Reikland
threatens to plunge the Empire into flames. Can a motley crew of
friends and relatives from Altdorf save the day?

Neuroshima Kuba Krakowiak (Sunday afternoon, no spaces)
Im currently running Neuroshima – a postapocalyptical game focusing on struggle of mankind against renegade machines. After chemical, biological and nuclear war mankind is devastated but determined to survive. Players take part in that struggle, taking care of their own businesses as well as supporting various factions. Mechanics is based on Polish system “Neuroshima”, not really known anywhere but Poland, quite nice for post-ap setting though ;).

Witchcraft Ben McCallum (Sunday evening, no spaces)
Blurb: Welcome to the Occult Underground. It’s like an overlay placed onto the world that you used to know, adding extra danger and complications. You may not have meant to enter it, you may not understand what’s going on, but you’re here now and it’s not going to let you go. No matter what.

As most of these games are full, there is also another potential game:

Vampire: The Requiem Craig Oxbrow (Sunday evenings, some places)
Hell is a city much like London.
The vampires of the city are countless, divided by jealousy and hatred. The city stands at the edge of war. Tonight, you will die in battle. And then…?

These are some of the games running, not all games are listed since not all games have been reported. The list will be updated when we know more.

-Jonatan, (Pres.)

Updated 19/10-2010