Halloween Sunday

Dear Grand Adventurers

EUSA has today kindly informed us that the entire Teviot building will be closed on Sunday 31th because of decorations (the placing of pumpkins) for Sunday night’s Halloween party. We have gotten hold of two rooms in the Pleasance for the entire time but as you might imagine, those two rooms will most likely not be able to hold more than one game each. Therefore, I urge players and GM:s alike to explore other possibilities for their games, such as homes and other places where one could have a game.

We will meet in the Pleasance bar at the regular times on Sunday (of course, if a game has another place to be and has informed all it’s players, there is no need to show up).

Please send this to anyone who might not get this mail (or who might not read it before Sunday). We are working on having someone stand in front of the Teviot to inform people who haven’t received this.

If your game has another place, please mail us or text me (0750 361 46 13) and we will send another mail on Saturday with as much info about where the different games will be as we have.

We are sorry for the massive inconvenience.

Jonatan Rostén (GEAS Pres.)