2011 Autumn venues and times

Hello all

I hope the summer has been  treating you well! Here are the details on times, dates and venues for this autumn’s GEAS sessions. Because of EUSA venue booking procedure, they’re a bit sketchier than usual but should be bearable.

Wednesdays (18:00): The first Wednesday session is September 21. Wednesday sessions will be at 18:00 in the Study of the Teviot and might overflow into the New Ampheon if space is required. The only known disturbance is that we will be in the Loft bar on October 5 but hopefully, I will be there and redirect people.

Sunday afternoons (13:00): The first Sunday sessions will be on October 2. In general, Sunday afternoon sessions will be in the Dining room (overflowing into the new Ampheon) but on October 9, November 13 and the four last sessions (November 27 and onwards) this session will be in the Study. Again, we should be redirecting people when these times come.

Sunday evenings (18:00): The first Sunday is still October 2 and all Sunday evening games are in the Study.

GMs that have games in both sessions (or otherwise similar groupings) have priority when overflowing into the New Ampheon.

I wish everybody a happy gaming semester and hope to see you all around.

-Jonatan Rostén (GEAS Secretary)