Fresher’s Week Help Needed

Hello everyone, hope you all had a glorious summer, but now it’s September and it’s time for the days to get darker and for students to start skiving classes.

Fresher’s week this year runs from 12th-18th September, and as always I need some help during this week. So grab a pen and write the following down, and volunteer, and be merry.
Fresher’s Fair

Wednesday and Thursday (14th and 15th September), at Pleasance. Last year this was between 10am and 4pm, so I’m assuming it’s the same now. I’ll need people to help between 9am and 4pm (setting things up, etcetc). I cannot be there apart from small stints (my course has already started), so I need everyone to help as much as possible. I will sort the stall out, but I need people to run it for me.
Please let me know if you can help. ^_^
One-Off Gaming

Our usual one-off Gaming session is on Sunday 18th (1pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm) in Teviot Study. I think the Teviot Study’s a wee bit small, but we can meet there and then spread into the New Amphion. I need GMs to send me ideas for one-off Games they’d like to run so I can put them on the posters.
There will be a social event during the week (as usual), details will follow. Please can everyone reply to let me know about whether they can help.
Sam MacAdam
(Geas President)