Games this year

These are the games that have been mailed to us. There might be be more around, this is not a complete list.


The Ninth (Phil Harris)
Far in the future mankind still survives. On the planet of Aqua sea base Atlantis holds seven million humans.  Genetic adaptation has allowed some of the population to change to survive in the deepest pressures and breath from the water. These “divers” do the long range scouting and help maintain the resources Atlantis needs. Everything is calm, people are happy until someone starts to question why the “divers” seem to always have the best finds.

Air Ship Pirates (Alan)
Air ship pirates being air ship pirates in a punky Victorian Steampunk.

Scion (?)
I have received no info about this game, I just saw it being run. /jonatan

Sunday Afternoon
The Cat in Winter (Phil Harris)
Medieval fantasy. In the matriarchy of Pegion the people are happy and life is rich. The only problem is a spy called the Cat. This single person has apparently stolen documents that could not only upset Pegion but put it to war against its neighbouring countries.
You must stop this happening but is knowledge really power?

Sinners and Saints
Actions have Consequences, Intentions good or bad make the difference. You are empowered, possessing extraordinary powers, you are superhuman and it is up to you how you use that power – will you be a Sinner or a Saint? You can create heaven or hell on Earth.

Modern high action and adventure, hunting for treaure and staying one step ahead of your rivals. New players welcome.

Distant Stars (
Matthew Knighton)
An action-adventure space opera on the edge of known space and beyond. The unknown frontier lies on the edge of known space, a star filled vastness of unknown possibilities. Join the Frontier Expeditionary Force today, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, join the F.E.F and explore distant stars where adventure, fame, fortune and wonder await. Join today and lead the solar commonwealth into a bright new dawn. The unknown frontier awaits!

Cyberpunk: Broken Futures (
Matthew Barrowcliffe)
A world that makes 2011 America look like a socialist idyll, Newscorp look like a benevolent if bumbling cottage industry and may even make you misty-eyed for those lovable rogues in the banking industry. The streets are mean, the board rooms are slimy and the only people you can trust are your friends.
If you’re lucky.

InDiscworld takes place in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld (what a surprise) and is based on mechanics of indie game InSpectres. Action will take place in Ankh-Morpork area and players will form an organisation which will focus on solving mysterious cases which may turn out to be linked by a bigger scheme (or not :)). The game mechanics strongly support players’ contribution towards creating the story and developing the world which should be unusual and interesting experience even for veteran players 😉
Overall, it’s going to be a light-hearted, entertaining game with potential to become a longer campaign with some interesting storyline. I’d preffer players who read at least one of Pratchett’s novels and/or played some RPG but it’s not strictly necessary.

Legend of the Five Rings
A group of Magistrates is assigned to the border of the Lion and Crane clans, where an increase in strange happenings is paralleled by a rise in tension between the two clans, and maybe even the start of a war.

Sunday Evenings

Vampire: The Requiem
(Craig Oxbrow)
Modern personal horror in a world of darkness. New players welcome.

By the Blood of Knights (
Matthew Knighton)
A game of adventure, passions, power and tragedy in mythic Arthurian Britain. In the year of our lord 525AD the young king Arthur stands triumphant as high king of Britain. All is not said and done yet. This is a turbulent time rival kings and knights scheme and the Saxons mass beyond our shores the bloody chant of war upon their lips.  In this age the magic does not yet lie still and silent but instead quickens and stirs in throughout the land. Now where do you stand in this brave new world? What adventures, triumphs and tragedies lie ahead?

Ordinary people
(Phil Harris)
You are a set of ordinary people in a contemporary city.
Life is for living.Air Ship Pirates (Alan)
Air ship pirates being air ship pirates in a punky Victorian Steampunk.

Hero Wars
(Ben McCallum)
Hero Wars is a fantasy system that straddles a fine line between realism and utter pastiche. There is a distinct lack of dungeons and the dragons are several miles long and sleeping (otherwise you’d all be dead). The system is simple and the setting is based on real barbarian cultures, working on being internally consistent while still containing gods, elves, trolls, dinosaurs and intelligent, anthropomorphic, friendly ducks.
You play the youths of a barbarian clan, approaching your coming of age ceremony. No longer officially children and recently initiated to your gods of choice you have newly gained magical powers to experiment with and a series of trials to pass before you can claim your man/womanhood.
Can you then deal with the responsibilities of being a fully fledged barbarian hero?