Rooms 2016

For the second semester here are our room bookings:

Firstly wednesdays:
Jan 20th;;;Jan 27th;;;Teviot Dining Room;nn;
February 3rd;;;March 2nd;;;No Room – meet in teviot and find space;nn;
March 9th;;;April 13th;;;Teviot Dining Room;nn;
April 20th;;;April 27th;;;No Room;nn;
May 4th;;;May 18th;;;Teviot Dining Room;nn;


Jan 17th;;;Jan 31st;;;Teviot Study;;;Teviot Study;nn;
Feb 7th;;;;;;Teviot Dining Room;;;Teviot Dining Room;nn;
Feb 14th;;;;;;Teviot Study;;;Teviot Study;nn;
Feb 21st;;; Feb 28th;;; Potterrow Dome;;; Pleasance Pentland;nn;
March 6th;;; March 27th;;;Teviot Study;;;Teviot Study;nn;
April 3rd;;;;;;No Room;;;No Room;nn;
April 10th;;;;;;Potterrow Dome;;;No Room;nn;
April 17th;;;May 15th;;;Teviot Study;;;Teviot Study;nn;
Sunday evening short game pitching will be on Jan 17th and March 6th.

Apologies that they are a bit chaotic, with half of the pleasance out of commission its very tight.