AGM and committee elections

As usual, Conpulsion & Events coordinators will be deferred until the next academic year.

Propulsion raises almost £300 for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Foundation.

Committee elections:
President! Angus McEwing continues his reign as eternal president.
Secretary! Tudor Ferariu re-elected. 
Treasurer! Erich Essmann persists in failing to embezzle our funds. 
Social! Joe ‘don’t vote for me’ Foster, Jason Ebblewhite & Gregor ‘a vote for me is a vote for Trump’ Hutton all nominated for the popular post of ‘piss up in a pub’ organiser. Jason won the knock down, drag out brawl that followed. 
Wellness! Faye ‘happiness is mandatory’ Sutherland continues to look after us all.  
Web! Alan Jackson continues the reign of minimalist maintenance.  
Librarian! Sam McDouall renewed in post. 

Short term games:
The vote on the contentious ‘6 week games’ occurred. The motion tabled is for the voluntary version, where games will be re-pitched every 6-8 weeks, with continuing players having priority. This would be extended to all slots. This motion passed after extended discussion.