Tonight’s Room Bookings

Greetings great adventurers,

We hope that your Flexible Learning/Innovative Learning/Reading Week is going well so far! This e-mail is to inform you that we have had a slight alteration to our room bookings for tonight (Wednesday the 20th of February) from the Dome to the New Amphion. EUSA will have blocked off a section for our games to be in, and the Amphion will be open until ten, so our games should be able to run as normal.

Just as a reminder, our Repitches will be happening this Sunday and next Wednesday – we do not as of yet have bookings for some of these slots (Sunday Afternoon and Wednesdays), but we will hopefully be able to find something suitable. Updates on this to follow.

Until tonight!

For the glory of GEAS,
Judith Spaargaren