GEAS Summer Games Social

Hi Folks,

This is just a quick reminder about our Social tomorrow at 6-9pm in the Teviot Dining Room. If you want to run and game and need some players, or if you’re looking for a game over summer to play in, it might be a good idea to start here!
The Social will be a very informal, drop in, drop out event with no formal pitches. Pitching is usually a good way for players to get an immediate idea of what games are being run, however as the majority of GMs will be hosting at their own homes, we give them the prerogative to choose whom they want to invite out of respect for that, and we expect all players to do the same. Also, given this is a social, we don’t want games to be entirely first come first serve, as we can appreciate that some people may arrive later in the evening.

If you cannot make it to the social but either as a GM still wish to put yourself out there for players to contact you, or as a player looking for a game, we will be compiling a spreadsheet of Summer Games with any GM that wishes to give us their email address. This can be given either in person or via email to geascommittee. You may also wish to give a small description of your game and how many players you still need.

Hope to see you all there!

Socials Coordinator