GEAS Summer Games

Hello again,

Thanks to everyone who came, and a big thanks to people who gave me details of their games so that I can advertise them now. We have a few games that I will try my best to describe, they are as follows:

Angus – Saturday Evening – Looking for 4 players – Contact geascommittee
"Its a game about island hopping refugees in a mostly island based fantasy realm."

Vincent – Thursday Evening – Looking for 2 players – Contact stephenmcmorland
"The game is called Nihon, it is set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan where players are Adepts, a multi-class of Magic user and Fighter, you can choose different roles such as Monk, Martial artist, Sword Saint etc. It is a homebrew system using percentile dice and a very simple system (although there is a lot of maths bubbling away in the background that the player need never worry about)."

Roderick – Sunday Evening – Looking for 3-5 players, one of which he hopes will host the game for the convenience of the rest of the players (Roderick lives quite far away) – Contact tonbo.karasu
I don’t have a quote from Roderick, but from what I remember, it is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed game set in the Frostgrave setting; Frostgrave is a game of Wizards, battling through a ruined frozen city in search of magical artefacts. He will be tweaking the magic system to make it a bit more interesting than it currently is, turning the game into a nice, gritty and cold experience.

Those are the games, hope you manage to find something you like! If you’ve already found something then we hope you have a wonderful summer, and we hope to see you in the next semester!

Socials Coordinator