GEAS Summer Games continued

Hi all,

Me again, with a late addition to the summer games:

Maximillian is planning on running 3 different games of Shadowrun 4th Ed.
Games would be taking place in his flat somewhere in old town (details obviously provided as necessary) in the evening on a yet to be determined date.
Without further ado, here is his pitch:

"The long one:
I’d like to start a whole new story, not only a oneshot where the players create new characters. The goal is to start a journey on the long run, at first over the summer. I’d like to meet up once a week and am looking for 3-4 players. They can be freshers or experienced gamers, but I dislike powergamers who doubt the allmightyness of the GM Therefore, this is a good opportunity to dig into the game from scratch without the need of any prior knowledge.
We’ll start in Seattle – classic – to get into the game and develope ourselves to continue our story in Edinburgh. The whole game plays in 2076 – a tech-dominated, ultra-capitalistic future in which magic and belonging creatures came back to the world by mysterious circumstances. The players can choose between the classical races: Human, Dwarf, Orc, Troll, Elve. For me, roleplay is very important, not rules. A good story and atmosphere is more valuable then strictness. This game is also challenging, but still vanilla. Characters die, but just when they really really deserve it.

The first short one – just for experienced players
Planned to be 3-4 rounds and 2-4 players. Either with pre-existing characters or with new characters based on 600 BP. A very challenging / high-level game:
Playing on the ‘good’ side (however this is possible in SR…). Classical setup: A Mr. Johnson recruits Pro-Shadowrunners to infiltrate a highly secured Aztech – biotech labratory and extract a very rare piece of beta-and deltaware components from inside. It is very likeley, that not everybody will make it in and out, probably no-one. However, here its fact: High Risk, High Reward. If the players suceed this run alive, they have the chance to get very rare and unique components, relics and weapons in return to enhance their characters. If the roleplay and teamplay also shows engagement, then the players will be rewared with high Karma on top. However, this is not a vanilla gameplay and every small mistake could lead to devestation and death of the characters.

The third one:
Here I want to experiment. Thought for 1-3 rounds and 2 – 3 players. We’ll play ‘Dark Shadowrun’. Purely based on antagonists and the pure evil, this game is not for softies and also not for freshers. The players do have the chance to play the worst of the worst, characters which are normally not playable and which are usually boss-level enemies. Insect-Ghosts, Shadows, Toxics Shamans, Necromants, Cannibals, and further beasts. However, these creatures are often not teamplayers. The players need to create teamplayers, at least on the lowest playable level. Also, this game is absolutely hardcore – the whole world will be against them and it’s very unlikely for any player to survive on the long run. Therefore, this game is for experienced shadowrunners, who like to go one step further and see into the eyes of the Leviathan."

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, please get in touch with him by contacting m.bakenhus !
As a side note, we hope that everyone out there is having a great summer, gaming or otherwise 🙂

All the best,
Jason, Socials Coordinator
Alea iacta est