Important Dates: Let’s do this one last time

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

Your president has been buried in emails and has managed to miss out information, and also get information wrong. Please forgive me and ignore the last two emails you have been sent.

The fresher’s week one-shots will be taking place on Friday 13th, in Teviot Study Room at 6:00pm. Thank you to everyone who highlighted my mistakes there, and again I’m very sorry.

The first set of pitches for this semester will be in the first week of the semester. The Wednesday evening pitches will be taking place on Wednesday 18th at 6:00pm. The Sunday afternoon and evening pitches will be on Sunday 22nd, with the afternoon pitches starting at 12:30pm and the evening pitches starting at 6:00pm. All the first semester pitches will take place in the Debating Hall.

We will have more information in the future regarding socials and events for the first semester. You can find all our definitive information on our website, at Thank you all for your patience.

For the glory of GEAS,
Emily Booth
GEAS President