GEAS Upcoming Events

Hey folks,

I’d like to thank everyone who visited our stall either yesterday or today, and welcome you all to our cool little community – and to all the returning members, welcome back! We have a few things coming up quite soon, so this information is all rather important, especially if this is the first time you are seeing this.
It’s in What / Where / When format and then there’s a little blurb that I thought would be helpful.

Welcome Week One Shots / The Study, Teviot Row House / 18:00-22:00, Friday, 13th Sept.
Come along to our first event of the semester which hopes to provide a suitable taster to our much loved hobby.
Pitches for this session will begin promptly so please arrive on time to guarantee you get into the game you want!
For newcomers: Gamesmasters (GMs) will pitch their games at the start of the evening – with a description, the system they will be using, and how many players they can take – and then the players will choose the game, and the GM, they want to join. From there, the GMs will guide the players through the necessary background info, any rules they need to know, essentially how to roleplay in their game. If you wish to GM please feel free to do so, as we are always on the lookout for new talent!
The only thing you will require is enthusiasm – and maybe a pencil.

Pub Social / Magic Potions Tavern, 9 Blair Street / 19:00-23:00, Monday, 16th Sept.

"We begin our story in a tavern…"
This year we’ve taken the classic rpg cliche and ran with it, and booked out the magic potions tavern on Blair Street (just off the Royal Mile) for an evening of nerdy carousing.
Whether or not you’ve roleplayed before, the fact that you’re considering it probably means you’re one of us, so come along and meet the people that make this society worth joining!

Start-of-Campaign Pitches
Wednesday Evening games / Debating Hall, Teviot Row House / 18:00-22:00, Wednesday, 18th Sept.
Sunday Afternoon games / Debating Hall, Teviot Row House / 12:30-16:30, Sunday, 22nd Sept.

Sunday Evening games / Debating Hall, Teviot Row House / 18:00-22:00, Sunday, 22nd Sept.

Finally, our long term campaigns; these can range anywhere from 6 weeks to the entire year. Similarly to the one shots, GMs will pitch their games and newcomers get priority of choice. Experienced roleplayers are encouraged to run games to accommodate new players!
Again, all you need to bring is a pencil – and possibly some enthusiasm.

Hope to see you all very soon,
Jason Ebblewhite
Socials Coordinator

If you have any questions about roleplaying or the society in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at geas.committee!