Spooky Halloween One Shot Event

Greetings Grand Adventurers!

This year we will be hosting a spooky one shot event in support of Maggies centres.
We will be implementing the charity re roll system so bring your change and your best dice along.
The event will take place on Saturday October 26th at Teviot in the New Amphion from 6:30-11.

To get in as a player you will be required to bring your own bag of sweets to share at your table.

If you are interested in GMing at this event please contact me via the Geas email so we can gauge game numbers. You do not need to have a campaign description just show your interest.

We will also be debuting the first of our limited edition Griffie the Griffin stickers commissioned by GEAS artists, with the proceeds going to charity.
The Halloween Griffie was designed by our very own Angus Barker and will be available for purchase at the event.

Hope you see many of you there!

For the Glory of Geas!
Robyn Higgins
Events 2019-2020