GEAS Pub Social on Saturday

Hi folks,

This is just a brief reminder that we have a social happening on Saturday 7th of March 1900 (7pm) onwards at Sofi’s Southside!
We have the upstairs room (overlooking Buccleuch St) booked and it can hold roughly 40 people, so please get yourself along and carouse to your heart’s content! Click here for the link to the events page on fb.

As mentioned before, and again at the repitches, Conpulsion Flame is happening at the start of next month, from Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th of April in and about The Pleasance. I know a lot of you will have bought your tickets already but just in case you haven’t yet, I am now going to try and convince you to (yes, I am a blue shirt, so I am biased, but still)! Conpulsion is – and has been for the past few decades – an event run entirely by volunteers. Its goal is to allow for lovers of tabletop (or otherwise) gaming to congregate and further expand their passion for their hobby or, for some lucky few, their career. Esteemed guests and traders – seriously, check them out – from not only Scotland but across the globe (at least some of it) will be making their pilgrimage here to show you their cool stuff; tangible or otherwise. And what’s more, all of the proceeds will be given to charity! Obviously as a convention, there will be plenty of events to fill your weekend and of course how could it be a gaming convention without some games! RPGs, LARPS, Wargames, Boardgames, Cardgames, Demos, Tournaments, Talks and Panels, and even a pub quiz at the end written by yours truly – with hopefully fewer parentheses!
If all of that sounds good to you, the incredibly modestly priced tickets and delightful t-shirts can be bought here! Free entry to the con can be found here – cheeky I know, but the more volunteers available the happier everyone* will be!

For the glory of GEAS,
Jason Ebblewhite
Socials Coordinator

*I think the only person who will have a bad time is Sophie, if we end up having too many volunteers it might be a chore remembering all the names.